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You have two maps on ancient India, one with place names along with rivers and the other with numbers (accompanied by an index).

In the map outline for both, you will see that the outlines of Nepal, Bhutan, Bangaladesh, Punjab, China and Burma are left out. There are reasons for it. At times the examiners will provide you the map with no outlines of other countries or with the outlines of one a couple of countries. To avoid this risk, we have deleted all the outlines. Far more important is the reason that every place and apporoximate boundary of any area or empire confruning to either the coastline or the river systems. It is these two that you have to master when you attempt practicing for the map questions.

Talking of how exactly you have to make use of the notes the following are the hints:

(a) Every time do remember whether the place time is along the coastline or along or close to a river, it is the only way that you can be nearly accurate inplacing the places names required in the examination.

(b) Do like this. Do prepare a number of outline maps along with rivers - doing the latter by hand, while for the former relying on a tracer with outlines of the Indian sub-continent and a carbon paper along with a plain sheet of paper. This part of preparing the map you must master and it should be done in not more than three of four minutes, that is your practice must bring downthe time involved in preparing the brae outlines.

First of all study the map with place names. After some time pick up the map with numbers. You should be able to remember which number refers to which place name. Whether your memory is correct or not, you can test from the index for the numbers. At that time try to remember where exactly a practice lar place name is located along the river (at the mouth. Away from the mouth or in the mid or the tail end, etc.) Accurately grasp the distance, which is a must because the size of the map that you would be getting in the examination would be the same as the one before your. And at thattime please remember whether you can remember the tributaries of any river involved Ina place name. In other words. You must know at that measurement any particular place name can be marked on the map with only the coastline and the river systems. If in the first one or two attempts you have gone wrong, please do not get discourgaged. Do it again and again till the time you in attempting the and question, which is a compulsory question in the examination.

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